Kidz Kare, Inc.

Helping children grow is what we do best

Prepare your child for grade school

Make sure your child has a good headstart before they begin kindergarten. At Kidz Kare, Inc., we strive to help children develop appropriate social, cognitive, and emotional growth in varied experiences and social interactions. Our integrated curriculum is designed to boost your child's social skills while introducing the building blocks to early education.

Monitor your child's progress

When your child starts school, it can be hard to trust that they're getting the material they need. With comprehensive feedback and progress reports from Kidz Kare, you can always be sure your children are learning and thriving.

Turn your child into a learner

Every parent wants to know that his or her child is getting the right tools to succeed. At Kidz Kare, you can trust that your child getting a well-rounded education, with comprehensive programs like:


•  Language arts

•  Math and science

•  Music and art

•  Story and nap time

•  Tumbling / recess

•  Computers

•  Meals and snacks

•  High reach learning curriculum

CPR & First-Aid Certified


Playing musical instrument Preschool Making an art Giving crayon to the kid